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I build apps to make my life easier. Sometimes those apps also make other people's lives easier too.


A pour-over coffee brewing companion.


The best app for record collectors.

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Brewing a great cup of coffee is hard. Brew was designed to make it easier. Follow the pre-loaded recipes, or add your own, and brew consistently great cups of coffee.

The Recipes
The app comes pre-loaded with Chemex and V60 recipes from some of the best coffee roasters. Each recipe is broken down step by step and includes notes from the author.

The Recipe
Each recipe and step is totally customizable. For the recipe, set the total grounds, and for each step set the time and amount of water to add. For both you can also add a title and any notes that might be helpful.

The Brew Status
Once you're ready, the brew status view will give all the information you need. Keep track of the current water level, the time remaining in the current step, and the water level at the end of the current step. Also keep an eye on the upcoming steps to stay prepared.


Vinyl is the perfect companion to a record collection. Within the app you can store records you currently have in your collection, keep track of records you're just dying to own, and get information on records - tracklist, labels, release date.

The Collection
Store all the records you currently own. From the search tab use the artist, album title or catalog number to find records. Tap into a record and use the plus button in the top right to add them to your collection

The Wantlist
Keep track of all the records you want to buy. Next time you're in a record store pop open this tab and make sure you don't forget anything. When you do finally buy a record on your wantlist, tap into the record and use the record icon in the top right to transfer it to your collection.

The Feed
Stay up to date with all the records that your friends buy. Search for your friends by username and then tap the plus button to add them to your feed. Their little icon is the album cover for last record they added to their collection.


We don't collect or store any data. No third-party services are integrated into this app.